To bring you the perfect cup, we source sustainably grown, ethically farmed and artisan roasted premium coffee beans from select locations around the world, including Ethiopia, Central and South America and Jamaica. These climates create optimal conditions for growing Arabica beans; a type of coffee bean known for its high-quality flavor, sweet aromas, and which all Marley Coffee roasts are derived from.

I’m proud of our commitment to sustainable and organic farming. We seek to preserve Earth’s natural balance while producing coffee with rich, bold flavors for people around the world to enjoy everyday.”

Rohan Marley Signature


From bean to cup, our coffee process is specialized and sustainable from start to finish to produce the award-winning taste of Marley Coffee.

A skilled cupper visits the most remote locations of the world, selecting the finest sustainable Arabica beans.

Each batch is hand-roasted, during which the beans flavor and aroma are fully developed.

After air-cooling, we package the freshly roasted beans to deliver the freshest coffee to your doorstep.


Sip and savor our premium roasts with names inspired by songs of Rohan’s father, the legendary musician, Bob Marley. Each blend was specially crafted to represent the song it was named for with a unique flavor and profile – try all 10 to discover your favorite. You can find Marley Coffee in a variety of formats fit for use at home, to serve in your cafe, hotel, or office and can be found at most major  retailers so you can Stir It Up everyday and everywhere.